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With a focus on safety, ethical practice, and professionalism, BC Steel has paved the way as a leader in industry since 2005.

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We know a thing or two about valuing education, along with building credibility and trust.

These qualities were a key part of the company culture at Johnson & Johnson, where the owner started his career. Johnson & Johnson stressed the importance of acting ethically and professionally. Today, BC Steel is an industry leader, and much of our success comes from staying true to these values. When we work with you, we promise to inform and educate you about all aspects of the construction process as we build a custom solution for you.

Recycled Steel is Sustainable and Green Too

Steel is the world’s most used metal. Also, it is the number one material used specifically in construction of buildings. Why? Because steel is uniquely positioned with characteristics that simply outlast any other building material. These include hardness, toughness, tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, fatigue strength, corrosion, plasticity, malleability, and creep. This is why it is used in everything from sea vessels to utensils to buildings.
It is not only amazingly versatile, with multiple thousands of end-uses, steel is incredibly, and perhaps surprisingly, green. In fact, your knife and fork could very well have come from the steel hull of an old battleship!

Imagine the pollution and overall effects on the environment resulting from original steel production:

  • Steel requires mined raw inputs. Underground, hard-rock mining occurs for both iron ore and coal, which tears apart mountains or digs down miles underground. The product must be refined to a purity level at high temperature and using tons of water. Then, it must be barged, or shipped, to customers. Air is polluted through the entire process, and there are mountains of slag that result from these processes.
  • To produce the actual steel, one needs a blast furnace that reaches 1,700 degrees C. This is a phenomenal use of heat energy.
  • Virgin steelmaking is one of the most carbon emission intensive industries in the world. As of 2020, steelmaking is estimated to be responsible for 9 per cent of all direct, global fossil fuel greenhouse gas emissions.

Steel is one of a very few man-made materials that is 100% recyclable which is why steel scrap is rarely wasted or dumped in landfills. Because it is made to be so strong, steel lasts and lasts. Scrap steel is always recovered from any demolition and is separated, re-melted, and re-formed. The process uses less energy, no water, less air and zero added raw materials (coal, iron, etc.) than new steel. Recycled steel has precisely the same strength characteristics as virgin steel from which it came.

Great News:

  • For every ton of steel that is recycled, we save 1.5 tons of iron ore, half a ton of coal, 75% of the energy and 40% of the water needed for original steel production.
  • Air pollution is also reduced by 76% and water pollution by 80% when recycling steel.
  • Not to mention virgin steel produces one and one quarter tons of solid waste resulting from that process, which does not occur when recycling steel.

Recycling just makes economic and environmental sense.

Every piece of the steel used in BC Steel Buildings is 100% recycled.

Above And Beyond


We are certified in all federal and provincial safety standards, but that’s not all. Some clients have their own safety certification standards for locations where we build. In these cases, we will ensure that our workers achieve these certification standards before we begin construction. By taking this extra step, we ensure we’re aware of safety hazards specific to our partners’ industries and workplaces. We also have certifications for fall safety and working with cranes.

The Highest Priority

Worksite Safety

We are committed to achieving an exceptional level of worksite safety for all our construction projects.

On-site Safety Practices

While they are on site, we require workers to wear appropriate safety gear for the job. We also rope off danger areas with caution tape, and we provide at least 2 certified operators for every piece of equipment we operate on site.

Supporting Safety

Worksite safety doesn’t just happen. It’s the product of a thorough and robust approach to safety throughout a company. We support worksite safety practices with the several key initiatives. First, our safety manual must be present and easily accessible at every jobsite. We also conduct daily safety reviews with workers and staff, reminding them of potential hazards and safety routines that address these hazards. In addition, we require a qualified senior employee to be present as the safety manager for each site we operate. Plus, we consistently monitor and evaluate safety practices daily and corrective action when required.

At the Forefront

Making Safety a Priority

At BC Steel, we do more than just talk about safety. We’ve built safety into our culture so that it’s a key consideration in everything we do – including only selling steel buildings, which are fire-resistant by nature. By making safety a company priority, we keep the jobsite safe for our workers and we keep you safe, too. If you would like information about our safety policies, contact us.