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If you want a steel building, you’ve come to the right place. For nearly twenty years, BC Steel has been designing, manufacturing and building cutting-edge steel structures for customers in Western Canada.

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Rigid Steel Frame with Steel Walls and Roof

Rigid steel frame buildings are energy efficient and durable, with superior stability and vertical load tolerance. Because they require minimal maintenance and perform well in adverse weather conditions, rigid steel frame buildings provide long-term value. This building type is versatile, and can be used in agricultural, commercial, industrial, warehousing, manufacturing, retailing, and cold storage applications.

Best for industrial, agricultural, large warehouse or storage applications, as rigid steel buildings offer high security and climate control
No structural columns needed, offering up to 250 sq. ft of open, usable space
Infinitely customizable, allowing for design changes and easy additions in the future

Fabric-Covered Steel Frame Buildings

Fabric-covered steel frame buildings are also versatile and energy efficient. In addition, they’re affordable and, in some cases, portable. They are used for everything from dairy barns and farm equipment storage to warehousing and sports facilities. Fabric-covered steel buildings are an excellent alternative to consider for manufacturing, general workshops, agriculture, retailing, and cold storage applications.

Made of high quality polyethelene or PVC, strong enough to lift a Ford F150 truck (engine included)
Tear-proof material means a puncture will not continue to tear and is easily repaired with patch tape
Can help lower lighting costs, as the translucency of the fabric allows for natural light during the day

Pioneer Consumer-Style Steel Buildings

If you’re looking for a free-standing garage, a shop building, a farm building or small warehouse, Pioneer steel buildings are a great option. These structures use a clear span, truss-less, self-supporting arch system to give you maximum value. Like other steel structures, Pioneer steel buildings are durable, economical and nearly weather-proof.

Made of Galvalume Plus™, which costs the same as regular galvanized steel but offers twice the corrosion protection
Standard 2’ wide x 10’ long 40-lb. panels are easy to work with and use only one bolt size for construction

Maintenance-free, as the steel eliminates the need for rot and warping maintenance. The fine spangle and soft metallic sheen eliminate the need for painting

Tilt-Up Buildings

Tilt-up is a two-step process. First, slabs of concrete, which comprise load-bearing sections of a building envelope, are cast horizontally on a concrete slab-on-ground. The slabs, referred to as panels, are then lifted (tilted) with a crane after the concrete has reached sufficient strength. The crane sets the panels, vertically, on prepared foundations, forming the desired wall from a series of consecutive panels standing next to each other.

Tilt-up is extremely quick, involves substantially less labour, is energy sufficient, fire proof. We use computer modelling such as 5D Macro BIM to ensure that the design is perfect and there are no budget surprises.

BC Steel is a proud supplier of this type of building.

Custom Designs

Because we design and manufacture our own components, the custom design possibilities are almost endless. Also, with 180 standard colours and available colour-matching, you’re guaranteed to find the exact colour you want for your building. Our design experts will work to identify your needs, understand your budget, and show you alternatives as they produce the perfect building solution for you.

BC Steel specializes in 2 added elements of building construction, which are:

  1. Insulated SIP, IMF or PAL steel panels for interior or exterior wall insulating, and
  2. Refrigerated (cooler and freezer) buildings for farm produce storage, hockey arenas and curling rinks

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If you’d prefer to handle the building process, we’ll work with you to produce everything you need for your project. Our building manuals are comprehensive and detailed, and all parts come pre-drilled and fitted for easy, efficient assembly.