BC Steel Agricultural Buildings


A barn is a popular agricultural building that has multiple functions. Barns can offer shelter to livestock and hold livestock feed such as hay and grain. A barn can also be used for storing farm supplies and machines. Barns come in different types based on the purpose and size. For farms that have livestock and animals, the main barn is usually meant for the animals. For horses, there are grooming areas, stall showers, rows, and a tack room. They are also used to house cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, llamas, alpacas, and others.

Poultry Coops

A poultry coop or chicken house is a structure used to keep chicken. They provide a place for the chicken to lay their eggs for collection and protect them from bad weather. Poultry coops usually have a door that allows the chicken to come outside during the day and enjoy fresh air and sunlight. At night, they can go back inside to sleep.

Livestock Shelters

Livestock shelters are designed to enhance the utilization of pastureland and rangeland while providing shelter for livestock against environmental factors. Livestock shelters offer protection from snow, wind, cold, and heat. They also provide an additional spot for shelter and shade along with any trees that may be on the property.

Loafing Sheds

Run-in sheds or loafing sheds are three-sided structures built in a training area or paddock. These sheds protect horses against the elements and provide a secure and covered retreat. Loafing sheds are constructed mainly in farm areas that experience less foot traffic since they are meant to offer horses a place for relaxing and unwinding. Loafing sheds are convenient for the horses and farm owners since the horses can spend more time outside.

Equipment Storage

Protecting farm equipment is essential, as they are often expensive pieces of machinery and help contribute to the livelihood of the farm. Using steel equipment storage structures will drastically increase the lifespan of your machinery by protecting it from the elements and potential damage or theft.

Hay and Feed Storage

Hay and animal feed are essential for every farm. When hay and feed are stored in agricultural structures, farmers can maximize their use and lower the risks of spoiling. The steel building also protects it from the elements and any pests.

Cold Storage

Cold storage structures can help farms reduce post-harvest losses. That is why cold storage facilities are allowed on agricultural lands to help farmers mitigate losses. With temperature-controlled cold storage, farmers can get more out of the crops they grow on their farms. Cold storage facilities are ideal for all farms, regardless of their size.

Riding Arenas

It is important to ensure your horses have a daily workout regimen. Riding arenas are constructed on agricultural land to help maintain the performance and health of horses. By building riding arenas, horse owners can eliminate some riding dangers and ride their horses each day regardless of weather conditions.

Brooder House

A brooder is a heated steel farm building that offers young poultry and livestock shelter. They are mainly used for raising baby birds such as turkey poults, goslings, and baby chicks. Since these birds rely on their mothers’ warmth, brooders have heat lamps that keep them warm enough to eliminate stress on their internal body systems. A brooder house must have sanitation, hydration, and warmth.