BC Steel can give an older building a new look by refurbishing it

BC Steel manufactures complete buildings, or just steel girders and cladding as needed, or can undertake every construction aspect, from start to completion.

In today’s current global environment, all of us are faced with certain new realities: (a) rising interest rates, (b) the impact and cost of Russia’s war with Ukraine, (c) political rivalry between US and China, (d) sabre-rattling between China and Taiwan, and (e) current costs for new construction to complete a building. The bottom line is that more Canadians are feeling the financial crunch. It leaves us all concerned about our own financial future.

Regarding your building needs, maybe in today’s world the best answer is to renovate and refurbish your existing building. Of course, if you still want to consider a new wood or steel building, then we can talk about that. However, increasingly, clients are asking for other ideas to save money.

By refurbishing, you avoid the need for any Permit, and any engineering. The cost to re-skin, or re-roof, an old building is less that of new. You avoid almost all concrete and foundation work except for inserting some screw piles. Sure, we may have to strip off old cladding, old roof, walls, posts and beams, and possibly insulation too. But these issues would also exist in a new building anyway. The difference with refurbishment is that the cost can be 30% that of doing a new building for these items. Added to this, the labour required to refurbish is significantly less than erecting a new building.

BC Steel already offers cost-effective new buildings such as Pioneer style and fabric-covered steel buildings which are around 33% the cost of a new steel building. Currently, wood is also an alternative as today’s lumber prices are falling.

None of us has a crystal ball to see where the future is going. But, if you are concerned, BC Steel can help give some TLC to your present building(s) and buy you some more time to reflect on your building needs once the world settles down!

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