Most Steel Industry Participants in Canada Leave You on Your Own

Many potential buyers of an engineered steel building request help, or participation with, the full process of erecting and completing a steel building. However, most suppliers do not want to do anything other than sell you their building, whether that is tied to their concern about potential liability, catastrophic building failure, rusting, loosening on a screw-down roofing, or influence from the manufacturer.

There are NO Canadian rigid framed steel building manufacturers. The Canadian companies you might investigate on web searches are all dealers for American (or God forbid, Chinese) producers. It would be the actual manufacturer that might dictate distancing from a buyer this way. There are 19 actual building producers and over 200 sellers based on Canadian web site searches. This means that policy and pricing decisions start at the American side of the border, and you are thereby hampered with the first added cost of this relationship – the massive 40% exchange rate.

BC Steel is different. We are capable of, and currently do, manufacture various steel components in the factory here in BC. We go to market with one philosophy. We do everything – from basic and preliminary engineering (Geotech, soils, foundation and structural) to Schedule B for your Permit, to Permit assistance, to land surveying and site plans, to putting in your chosen foundation, to erecting and insulating the building, to constructing whatever you want inside the structure, including all utilities. BC Steel does not shy away in fear, like the others, leaving you on your own. We can, and will, help you with every element of your building or any part of it where you want our help. This is our BC Steel difference that translates in trouble-free turnkey assistance!

Our four expert, professional, courteous, and experienced teams of installers provide the full turnkey teams needed once you make your decision.

So, when you want more from your supplier than just the building, choose BC Steel instead and get exactly what you need, you prefer and you really want.